Utility Basketball Inbound Play 

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I call the below Basketball Plays "Utility Inbound Plays" which basically are inbound plays that don't stick to a known starting formation, and that the players can switch up the play on the fly and can finish in multiple positions as to continuously confuse the defending Basketball team. 

You can use the below Basketball plays with any age of Basketball team from youth to college. The bonus of having these video's is you can share the link with your team and your other coaches. 

This inbound play can be used on the baseline or sideline. I first seen this play in a 5 on 5 game I was playing in. I can tell you first hand this is a very good inbound play.  

S means Shoot, this is an inbound play that can be used on the baseline, sideline, and press break. As a sideline and press break play try and spread the formation out wider. As a baseline inbound play you can run it in the low post or high post. When it is ran in the high post your "S" player can go to the 3 for a shot or he can drive to the basket. 

Here is a Basketball play that the Toronto Raptors use to win games with Rudy Gay (when they had Rudy Gay). If you have a player who you can depend on to hit a game winning shot this play may be for you.