Basketball Box Inbound Plays 

As a Basketball coach it is a good idea to know multiple Inbound Basketball Plays for many different reasons: 

Reason 1: When you know many inbound plays you as a coach and your team will never have any problems getting the Basketball inbounded.

Reason 2: As a coach you will end up scouting other teams plays so you know what to guard against when the game gets close. When you know many different inbound plays you will see what the other coach runs and how to guard against it.   

Pick and Roll Box Inbound Play 

This video is about the Box Pick and Roll Basketball Inbound Play which is great for all youth basketball teams and high school basketball teams. Coaching youth basketball can be fun a rewarding with the right basketball plays and drills. 

Fast Break "S" Box Inbound Play 

This is one of the better sideline inbounds plays and can lead to many easy baskets and fast break points. By using this box plays you will no longer need to worry about missing an inbounds opportunity.

This play is a variation to the "S" play I have used every year as Head Coach and I have found this an extremely successful play. 

Box "S" Play 

I have used this Basketball play ever since my first year as a head coach. I am not the original maker of this play, back when I was in college I was given a playbook by a college professor who was also a Basketball coach. This playbook had thousands of Basketball plays and weighs probably around 25 pounds.   

NBA Box Inbound Plays