4 Out Offensive Basketball Plays 

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The 1-4 Basketball offense is ran with one player in the post and four players spread out along the 3 point line. This offence works best when you have only one true post on the floor with 4 competent perimeter players. 

Offense is a very important part of the game and if you cant score you cant win games, however defence wins championships so dont forget to check out some of our Defensive Basketball Plays.

Here is a Basketball play that the San Antonio Spurs used during the 2013/14 NBA season. 

Here is a very common 4 out Basketball play that can be useful for every Basketball coach and the teams that they coach. This play is as easy as pass, cut, and fill the empty position. 

In this Basketball play there are 4 players that play around the 3 point line and then there is one post player playing either in the high or low post. Once the player who has the Basketball passes the ball to a teammate he has to set a screen on the player to the opposite side of him.

This is a quick offensive Basketball play that will create many points for you and your team. 

Here is a basic 4 out Basketball play from the Phoenix Suns Basketball Playboo

A simple Basketball play that Lebron and the others of the big 3 use to score easy points. 

Other 4 Out Plays