Youtube has helped coaches and players in the sports scholarship process for many years now. 

Instead of sending an NCAA coach your letters and game tape, which can be costly especially if you have more than one highlight tape and if you send to more than one school this can be extremely expensive. With Youtube you can upload your best highlight tapes and email all of the NCAA Basketball coaches a cover letter with links to your highlight tapes. 

Remember when posting highlight videos on Youtube you will not always receive the greatest feedback from other Youtube users. Do not comment back inappropriately if you are sending these videos to University coaches as they will see these comments and will show the coaches your type of personality, so stay professional. 

The bonus with Youtube is that it keeps track of where people access your video by city and country. This means that you can see if the coach you sent the email to actually watched the video (however this may not mean the coach looked at your video, there may have been someone in the city who just watched your video).