Recently I have been posting many NBA Basketball plays that any coach can use with his team, but can these plays actually be used with younger youth teams? 

Well the answer is an outstanding YES! Every play that an NBA team uses can be used with almost any rep team to an extent. You wont go and teach a 500 play playbook full of triangle plays to a grade 4 Basketball team. The first thing you should do is look at your playbook (every coach should have a playbook of plays that they like). Rank your plays on skills and memory levels. Here is an example from my playbook, I have over 1000 pages of plays in my playbook. I have them separated by play types and then by levels, I rank my plays from level 1 through 5, while 1 is for beginners and 5 being for highly smart highly skilled.

My last year coaching Basketball in Oakville I was with a grade 9 AA Basketball team, most of the players were smart enough to run the triangle offense so I started with a single level 1 Triangle play which is the basic Motion Triangle Play and the team had no issues with running it so I had them run 4 other level 2 Triangle plays. 

Basically what I am getting to is that you can run any Basketball play as long as you match that play up with your teams skills, needs, and knowledge of the game.