Hello everyone, 
This post is more like a rant, today I was speaking with a man about youth Basketball. His son plays for a club team in Ontario and I couldnt believe what I could hear! The players are only 8 years old and the coach was making them into position players. This cant happen in youth Basketball, how are you as a coach going to know if an 8 year old boy is going to be a Center and grow to be 7 feet tall, well YOU DON'T! 

I was 6'2 in grade 8 and I was a Center, I was lucky and was utilized as a ball handler for a little bit of time in the YMCA Basketball classes because I am now old and I am still 6'2. 

If I were used solely as a Center I probably would have been finished in Basketball at a young age. 

Thank you to the YMCA Saturday Basketball classes that helped me with dribbling when I was younger! 

But coaches we need to stop this! utilize us at every position until we know what position we will be better off playing at an older age. During the younger ages we should be using a motion or high triangle offence!