Remember what your parents used to say when you were a child? You get what you pay for. Well this is true for almost everything these days, for example hiring someone to install windows in your house or installing a new transmission into your car. Will you trust a cheap uncertified mechanic or handyman? But this also apply to when your looking for a Basketball trainer to train you or your child in the sport of Basketball? From my experiences this is more true than you would ever think. I am not a cheap trainer in any sense, however I am also not the most expensive. There are many trainers out there who are not certified while there are others who have never played higher than grade 8 Basketball just looking for a quick dollar. 

If you are a Basketball trainer in Southern Ontario you have probably recieved an email or phone call from myself over the past 3 years trying to figure out prices and your certifications. Here are some stories I have heard from my clients.

There are some Basketball Trainers in Toronto who will give you a price that will blow your socks off, they will ask if you have any other offers and will under cut that price by 50%. Cheap is great, but will you get back the satisfaction from what you would pay the more expensive trainer? The few trainers who do this are not certified and are either high school teachers trying to make a quick dollar or are just someone who thinks they know Basketball. From what I have heard back from my clients, these trainers do not show up on time and do not care about you. These trainers will tell you to do a simple drill and leave the gym and play on their cell phone or have a smoke. Is this someone who you want to handle your development? 

I am an NCCP certified coach of 7 years (at the time of this article) and I have played at the NBA Development League level, I am also currently working on getting NCAA certified (I also have a YMCA personal trainers certificate and CPR-C). There are other trainers in Southern Ontario who are very good trainers and will work you hard, but just remember to check your trainers certifications and be suspicious when someones price is under $30/hr and/or 50% or more less than everyone else's rate.