What makes a perfect Point Guard? The one thing I look for in a Point Guard is their dribbling skills and the strength at which they dribble at. Is the Point Guard dribbling softly or is he/she trying to pound a hole into the ground?

What makes a Point Guard's dribbling faster and stronger? There are two muscles that I have learned can help you do this. Number 1 is wrist strength and to work out your wrists all you need to do get a 5 pound weight and imitate a biceps curl but instead of using your biceps I want you to use your wrists this is called wrist flexing. Another muscle many people don't think of is your triceps (the muscles at the back of your upper arm), this muscle is used mainly in passing, dribbling, and shooting (all of which a Point Guard does). To work out the triceps all you need to do is some arm extensions while using weight or resistance tubing. 

By working on your wrist strength you will improve your game a ton, there is no muscle in the whole body that you will use more for improving your Basketball skills. Sure you may use your legs to jump higher, however here I am talking pure skills.