The NCAA is investigating Myck Kabongo for training with agent Rich Paul who represents many Canadian NBA players. You may be asking why is the NCAA investigating Myck Kabongo? Well the NCAA has a rule that states that an NCAA athlete cannot get paid by anyone or except anything free (especially professional training). 

The issue is the NCAA thinks that Rich Paul trained Myck Kabongo for free or Tristan Thompson paid for Myck Kabongos trip to the training. 

According to a Cleveland Plain Dealer Report Tristan Thompson spoke with a reporter and explained "Did I pay for him? Well, yes and no. I paid for it, but Myck's brother is paying me back, which is totally allowed in NCAA rules".

The NCAA is currently still investigating. 

In 34 starts last year Myck Kabongo scored 9.6ppg and 5.2 assists for the Texas Long Horns last season. Tristan Thompson plays for the Cleveland Cavs.