Every time I read a post or listen to an interview from a new player of the Toronto Raptors is that people in Toronto are so welcoming, and friendly. The last few interviews I have heard and read about were from Greivis Vasques and Lou Williams. There is one quote from each player I would like to use and I will start with Vasques "I want to retire as a Toronto Raptor, this team and this city has adopted myself and my family. My kids love school, they actually love school. Everyone on the street is also so nice and friendly too!" Next is a quote from Lou Williams; "The last time I was in Toronto since I was traded to the Raptors I brought a friend with me and he mentioned that it was like back being in college, everyone is so friendly and welcoming holding doors open for you, and saying HI." 

I am not from Toronto, I am actually from down the highway from a city called Hamilton Ontario which has about 10% of the population of Toronto. However, I really like when players who have been to multiple different cities say this about us. To me this does not just reflect on the city of Toronto but to the whole country of Canada as a whole. I also believe this is what will lead the Raptors as being a location players dream about playing in. 

Lets look back at the 2014 NBA playoffs and how us fans stood outside in the cold and rain in "Jurassic Park" (Maple Leafs Square). There was no other team in the NBA who did this or who could do this, and the NBA players were talking! I remember reading how ESPN couldn't believe how the Toronto fans would come out to watch on a big screen outside the stadium.

I truly believe this will lead to a successful Raptors team, like Lou Williams said "I'm looking forwards to playing in Toronto to have a sense of purpose".