Have you ever seen a Center get stuck back court and needs to dribble? If you were a player, coach, or parent of that team, did it send a chill down your spine thinking of what could go wrong in that situation? This is why Centers need dribbling skills most, if they get stuck they will have the ability to escape. Did you ever see Shaq running down the Basketball court one on none? well this happened many times in the past, and that is just one more reason to teach a gigantic Center some dribbling skills, sometimes they need to capitalize on situations. 

At my level 1 NCCP training I had a coach who taught us the importance of an all around Basketball player. He had a 6'9 grade 12 who was Center his whole entire life, when grade 12 rolled around his high school team never had any true Point Guards and he was known to have some skills at dribbling. So the coach tried him at the Point Guard position his final year of high school. He had no NCCA scholarship offers so this scared him, he wanted to be known as a powerful Center. However he became one of the highest ranked prospects coming from Canada and it wasn't for being a Center, it was for being a strong and powerful Point Guard (yes a 6'9 point guard, imagine guarding him?). 

Now on to a sad story, I have seen many players while I was growing up who played Center all the way up until grade 10 or 11 and then they had to turn 360 and become a Point Guard. Without prior training they mostly all dropped out of the sport. (We all know that 6 foot kid in grade 8 who never grows past 6'2... I was one of those, I never dropped out though I had prior training as a shooter and dribbler)