In Basketball jumping is extremely important for players, with a good vertical jump program you will be able to grab more rebounds, shoot over your defender, block your opponents shots, and maybe even dunk. All of these will get you more time on the court during games. 

Defense is the biggest part of the game coaches pay attention to these days, if you have the ability to jump higher than other players on the team your defense will usually be drastically better than the rest of your teams. Jumping higher creates good foot speed and foot speed helps you stay between your player and the net. Another bonus of having a great vertical jump means you will be able to grab more defensive rebounds and block more shots.

Offensively you will benefit hugely from being a high jumper. Being able to jump high on offence means you can grab more offensive rebounds which translates into easy baskets and a higher scoring average. Training your vertical jump you may be able to dunk, and there is nothing better than dunking a Basketball. When a player dunks a Basketball the momentum of the game changes drastically, especially in a high school game where there are not many players who can actually dunk. 

Train hard and train the pro way!