I was speaking to a High School Basketball player the other day and he was saying that there is no sense for him to train to jump higher because he is white, and he has always been told that he will never dunk due to the fact he is white. This is NOT TRUE there is absolutely no difference between a dark skinned person and a white person! I cant believe people still think that a white individual cant jump the same as a darker skinned person! 

Vertical Jump Training wont just help your actual vertical, it will also help your running speed, acceleration and will reduce injury. Which means Vertical Jump Training is for everyone! 

I want to challenge everyone who reads this, I want you to try one of my free Vertical Jump Training Programs because they are good for everyone young and old. If your reading this because you just stumbled upon it online I still want you to try one of the programs because everyone needs to be active (unless you have an issue for which you cant workout). Remember the best way to workout is to HAVE FUN!