During a conversation I had with someone today we came across the topic of where peoples place is in the world, for example you would not put Albert Einstein on the front lines of World War 2. Which got me thinking about this next post. You would never stick a Basketball player where they would be not as effective, for example the shortest, skinniest kid on your team playing Center because this would clearly never work.

Now as I am typing up this post I remember back when I was a player and a coach I have seen numerous situations where a player was playing a position that they should not be playing. A great example of this was a few years ago when I was coaching with the Burlington Skyhawks I noticed a coach of an older team play a line of point guards and ran all low post plays, sure these smaller players may have had some superior skills in the post but they were no match for the defending players who stood over a foot taller, not to mention the guards were far more skilled in the perimeter game. 

This is why Hitler was such a good commander (setting aside his insanity), he was a master of placing people in the right places which suited their strengths and abilities. This is still the same in every military world wide, and this is very easy to see once you go through military training, or if you know a friend who has.  

Now I am not saying that you shouldn't teach your players how to play every position, however when your in a game situation you need to remember to place your players in a situation where they will be successful, which in turn will make you successful.