Sports are becoming more competitive every year and young children are starting to lift weights, and the question I have received most by concerned parents is "at what age can my child workout?" I have read numerous studies and books about this subject as a teen and now as a trainer. There are more benefits for your child to workout than there is negatives.

The biggest reason I always say yes to this question is because working will reduce injuries. Injuries are a big part in sport and nobody is immune. The most prevalent injury in Basketball is the rolled ankle, which can be drastically reduced from just doing simple heel raises every other day. For girls there is an abundance of knee injuries, which can be reduced with squats and a Skilz Lateral Resistor

The second and not so important reason why I say yes to this question is that your son/daughter will be stronger. This will help him/her to dribble faster/harder, run faster, shoot farther away, and if the child is young enough working out can help him/her shoot with better shooting form.

As a warning I would like to suggest if your child is working out or is going to be working out, they will need the proper nutrition. 

Note: Working out DOES NOT stunt growth, there has been numerous studies that prove this fact.