Air Canada, 
Half Man Half Amazing, 

or maybe King Carter?

Vince Carter was the leader and is the only reason that the Toronto Raptors are still in the city. If not for Vince Carter I really believe that they would have been relocated to the USA just like how the Vancouver Grizzlies ended up. Vince Carter was looked at by every youth Basketball player as a hero and maybe even a GOD! Every Basketball player who has entered the NBA or even the NCAA who comes from Canada all say the same thing "I watched Vince Carter and wanted to be just like him". 

I know that Vince Carter left on bad terms mainly because of the media, and that is why many people still dislike him. I am not gong to get into details as I am not 100% on what happened. Here is what I have read about the situation, everything started with a confrontation between Vince Carter and Coach Mitchell in the medical room after a practice. Vince Carter won the heat and then there was a media frenzy about a misinterpretation of what Vince Carter said. 

Going back to Vince Carters Impact on Toronto and Canada Basketball as a whole. Without VC our national team would not be heading in the way its heading right now. Look at some of the players we have now who looked up to Vince Carter:
  • Andrew Wiggins (Potential 2014, 1st pick in the NBA Draft)
  • Nick Stauskas (Potential 2014, 1st round pick in the NBA Draft)
  • Tyler Ennis (Potential 2014, 1st round pick in the NBA Draft)
  • Anthony Bennett (2013 NBA Draft 1st pick-currently plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers)
  • Cory Joseph (Plays for the NBA's San Antonio Spurs) 
  • Tristan Thompson (Plays for  the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers) 
  • Andrew Nicholson (NBA's Orlando Magic)
  • Kelly Olynik (NBA's Boston Celtics)
  • Robert Sacre (NBA's LA Lakers) 
Last but not least Brady Heslip (Baylor University, played for team Canada 2013). 

All of the above names have all said that they idolized Vince Carter! That means that Vince Carter has created 10 NBA calibre players, and all he needed to do was play Basketball for the Toronto Raptors. I should mention I also idolized Vince Carter too. Allen Harrington (NBA D-League Training Camp) 

This speaks to what Vince Carter meant to this team and this nation.