Jump Training in a pool can be very beneficial for the players who want to be able to jump higher and dunk a Basketball. When training in a pool you will be adding extra resistance and the water will be easier on the joints than solid land. By doing 2 water workouts a week you can increase your vertical jump substantially. 

Exercises you can use in the pool:
  • Squat Jumps: Start with no extra resistance, but gradually add extra resistance. Examples of more resistance can be doing the squat jumps in deeper water or adding weight like dumbbells.
  • Running: Start trying to run in waist deep water, gradually over time run in deeper water.
  • Flutter kicks: Hold onto a flutter board and kick your legs in the direction you want to go (do not bend your legs when kicking).
  • Defensive Slide: Stand in waist deep water and defensive slide one way and back (remember to slide in each direction the same amount of times so that both legs are the same strength).  
By doing each of the above exercises twice a week your vertical jump will explode.