In the sport of basketball being the fastest on the court and having a great vertical is very useful and will help you become very successful. 

To become a fast runner obviously running will improve your speed. Understandably players (especially younger players) dont understand this. When I tried out for the NBA D-League I was astonished at how much running we had to do. We had 4 hours of running per day (not including drills and games). If anyone has done the beep test before I finished with a level 13 (when I was in highschool this was a good time) but these guys were insane, the last guy running had a level 19... and the coach was yelling at us for having low scores! 

Your vertical is also very important there were players there that ran all day (8 hours) and were still able to put on a dunking display at the end of each day. Its one thing to be able to dunk, but to dunk after all of that running you need to be in great shape! 

Some simple ways to get a better vertical are to do squats and lunges every other day. The days you dont work on your legs you should do planks and situps.   

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