Nik Stauskas, and Andrew Wigins were both high draft picks because they are both very good Basketball players, however did you know that Youtube helped them achieve this? Andrew was known as the next Lebron James because of his flashy dunks and overall dominance while playing, while Nik Stauskas was known for his shooting performances and drills on youtube. 

I would like to say congrats to both players on making the NBA. 

The days of paying some random website to host your profile is basically over with the reach Youtube has! All you need now is a Youtube account, with some uncut drills, highlight tapes, and even full length game tapes. Once you create a few video's that highlight your skills you then need to create a catchy cover letter and send it off to coaches in an email with links to your video's.

To learn what makes a good highlight tape click here.

Now the thing with youtube video's is these NCAA coaches are not going to be searching for undiscovered talent on Youtube so you do have to send out cover letters. I have also just recently learned that depending on who you network yourself with could also improve your chances of getting discovered. I have had two coaches this year who got in contact with some players who have a highlight tapes on my channel (see Keegan's story). 

Youtube can also create hype for yourself when other people start sharing your video's, for example Andrew Wiggins. Andrew was named the next Lebron James before he even got to grade 12! This was because of his skills and athleticism but none of the hype would have been there without Youtube! Imagine your video's being shared millions of times?

Good luck in your future as a Basketball player!