There was a video made the other day about the game winning shot that happened in the Sheridan College vs Humber College game. In the last few seconds in the game Sheridan was down 72-70 when they inbounded the Basketball from the opposing teams baseline and their player actually drained the three point shot from the corner to win the game 73-72. However the Humber player not knowing the shot went in started to trash talk and placed his hands on his hips basically saying "thats right you suck we win" but in actuality Humber lost. 

This begs the question does trash talking actually help while playing Basketball? In my opinion it can help sometimes, however it depends on many different rules:

Trash Talking Rules:
  1. Do not swear 
  2. Do not trash talk in front of refs
  3. Do not get yourself worked up so that you play like crap 
  4. Be able to back up your talk with skill
  5. Know what you are saying before you say it
  6. Dont trash talk in important times of the game
  7. Dont get in a fight!!!
Believe it or not Michael Jordan was probably the best trash talking player of all time! Every book I have read about Michael Jordan has opposing players admitting to him trash talking, and he even admits it himself. As we all know MJ was the best Basketball player of all time so he was obviously able to back up what he was saying. 

So When Is Trash Talking Good?

Trash talking can change the game completely, it can demoralize the other team and make them extremely upset which will lead to mistakes that can range from a few bad turnovers to a few
bad fouls

My Stance On Trash Talking:

I like and dislike trash talking at the same time, I see the benefits of trash talking but there are many non-benefits which can out way the benefits depending on the situation. As a coach if a player wanted to trash talk I wouldnt stop him unless he was breaking one of the rules above.

Here is the link to the Trash talking video