I touched on this subject about 2 years ago and I cant believe this is still happening, I know this is Canada and we dont put much money into Basketball but we need trained referee's at every competitive game. I was speaking to an Catholic Elementary coach yesterday and he mentioned that the ref's that they use for season and playoff games are just teachers and parents. Now I see 2 problems with this:

  1. Missed Calls: Obviously even with trained ref's you will still get missed calls, lets face it we are human. However I have witnessed many badly missed calls when it comes to untrained ref's. Multiple missed calls almost always resorts to injuries and fights. 
  2. One Sided: When your a parent or a teacher of the home school and you are a ref you have to admit that you will favour your kids team or the school you teach at. A referee is supposed to be impartial and ref'ing your own team is not a good idea, because believe me even if you are impartial the opposing coach and parents will not think you are. 
In conclusion if you are a parent, coach, or exec at a school board who does not use certified ref's please make some financial room for certified ref's.