Trading a player in the NBA is not the easiest thing to do for an NBA General Manager. First before a trade the GM needs to show that the player he is trading is to be worth his contract and skills to the other team. Then each teams General Manager needs to make sure that their players contract have no "no trade" clauses and that each of their teams can take on the new contract without going against the owner or investors wishes. Also remember that the NBA has a salary cap and if an NBA team goes over the cap, they will need to pay a luxury tax on the amount that they have gone over. 

Now in Toronto Raptors land the fans are fed up with how Andrea Bargnani has played over the past few years and they are now calling for a trade. Now lets remember what kind of player Andrea Bargnani is, he is a 7 foot tall Small Forward that can shoot three's and had the potential to become like Dirk Nowitzki. 

As we all know Brian (the Raptors GM) did not trade Andrea and decided to keep the tall Center... oops I mean Small Forward. I made a video a while back about the idiots calling for a trade, and I will never be sorry for that video, what I said needed to be said. Let me explain why:
  1. Too early after an injury, Brian would not have got any value for Bargs 
  2. Too close to trade deadline, Bargs was only able to play a few games after injury and before trade deadline 
  3. Bargs has a huge contract that only a handful of teams can hold on to
  4. Lastly Bargnani has not played well this season and Brian will be hoping that Bargs will play better during the rest of the season so to raise his trade market value
  5. LETS NOT FORGET, This year is a very good draft year (next year is better with Andrew Wiggins) and Brian may try to trade Bargs for a high draft pick. 
This is only a few things that need to be considered before a trade in the NBA.