Over the past few years the Toronto Raptors have been sinking to the bottom of the rankings. Last year the Toronto Raptors signed Dwayne Casey as the teams new head coach. Dwayne Casey has a defensive mindset and last year we witnessed that first hand, but the Raptors struggled on offence. 

This season is different though, we still have that defensive mindset but we will be way better offensively this season. We still have our core set of players this year, however we have some new additions that will drastically improve our team offensively and defensively. 

Kyle Lowry: Kyle is a superb offensive player able to score off the dribble and create shots for himself and others as well. Kyle is also a great rebounded for his height, before his injuries last season Kyle was leading Point Guards in this aspect. 

Jonas Valanciunas: Jonas is classified as a Rookie this year however this is far from a Rookie year for him as he has played many years already as a professional over in Lithuania. Jonas will most importantly improve the teams post defense and offence this year. We have already seen during the preseason Jonas' shot blocking ability and offensive post moves. 

John Lucas III: JL is one of the biggest acquisitions that completely flew under the radar. JL was Derick Roses back up last year and ended up starting many games when Derick Rose was injured. During this time JL showed that he had the ability and skill to start in the NBA. However this season he is labeled as the third line Point Guard I bet we will see plenty of him during games and maybe even playing on the same line as Calderon. 

Alan Anderson: This is not really a new player on the Toronto Raptors roster however he is now guaranteed a year salary. Last year Alan was signed to a few 10 game contracts to the Raptors. 

Landry Fields: Even though Fields was signed to stop the Nets from acquiring Steve Nash, I still think this will benefit both the Raptors and Fields. The Raptors needed a great locker room guy who can actually produce during a game. 

Terrence Ross: Terrence is another of the Raptors Rookies this year and can do everything from shoot 3's, play defense, and dunk with flair.  

Quincy Acy: Acy may have been a late pick in the NBA draft, however he is an extremely skilled Forward who can grab rebounds and throw down some nice dunks.  

Dominic McGuire: I would not expect much in terms of playing time or production, however when he does get playing time expect him to chase down every rebound.

I am expecting more than many of the NBA critics are predicting about the Raptors. I am predicting the Raptors to have a 46-37.