Thus far the Toronto Raptors have had a very exciting offseason. Starting the the draft with the 3 picks:

8: Terrence Ross: A very athletic guard with a good shot and the ability to get to the basket. Ross is also known as a player who can defend at multiple positions. 

37: Quincy Acy: An undersized Forward (6'7) however Acy is very athletic which will help us remember the Reggie Evans days. (if I worked for the Raptors I would hire Evans as a mentor for Acy)

56:Tomislav Zubcic: I would like to see Zubcic make the Raptors roster. I like his ability to drive and shot, Zubcic is looked at as another Bargnani however having a big man who has an ability to shoot is a huge advantage. I can see Zubcic being in the 9th-12th spot in the roster pending on toughness and defensive ability. 

The Raptors also have Janas Valanciunas who will most likely be starting at Center for the Toronto Raptors. Jonas is a "true Center" he has a post presence and phenomenal finishing in the post. Jonas has the potential to be Rookie of the year which is a plus. 

All 4 of these rookies have a chance to make Toronto's roster. 

After trying to reel in Steve Nash (which failed), Toronto traded for Kyle Lowry which is a younger version of Steve Nash (but with better defense). Now the controversy will be who starts at point, Calderon or Lowry? As we know Calderon has no problem as a back up, so the logical starter will be Lowry. 

While the Raptors were trying to acquire Nash the Raptors offered Landry Fields which to most fans this is a terrible idea considering his contract will be worth 19 million over 3 years and is apparently too much for a player averaging 8.8 ppg 4.2 rpg and 2.6 assists. However his time was drastically cut due to New Yorks trade for Melo. But think of it this way, in his rookie year (2 seasons ago... season before Melo) Fields averaged 9.7 ppg 6.4 rpg and 1.9 assists and was drafted 9th overall. As Fields will be having a bigger spot on the Raptors I can see him averaging 13 ppg 8rpg and 4 assists which is ok for the contract amount. 

This is a promising season.