So most of have heard that the Toronto Raptors traded Jose Calderon and Ed Davis away for the rights to Rudy Gay and Hamed Haddadi. Now at face value there are many people happy and many others who are extremely upset about the fact that the Raptors traded away one of their best Point Guards of all time and one of their most promising young players, however lets look at this with an open mind. At the end of this season Calderon’s contract ends which would have him be available for any other team to grab with a sizable contract, and now at least the Toronto Raptors will get at least something for their star. With Calderon’s contract ending we could at least hoe that Toronto and Calderon could workout a deal to bring him back to the land of the dinosaurs for next season. 

On the other hand Rudy Gay is an all-star caliber Small Forward and can become the Vince Carter type player that Raptor fans have been on the search for since the Carter era ended. 

Since the traded was announced the new expected lineup looks as follows;

Point Guard: Kyle Lowry 

Shooting Guard: Demar Derozen 

Small Forward: Rudy Gay

Power Forward: Amir Johnson

Center: Jonas Valanciunas (when not injured)

This looks to be a very strong lineup and may actually help Toronto enter into the 8th place spot in the East. 

Personally I am divided over this trade, lets just hope that everything works out.