The Toronto Raptors are not winning over many new fans with their dismal record this year, however they seem to be hanging around most teams this year with most of their losses being under 5 points. The Toronto Raptors also showed last night that they are able to climb back from a big deficit but still loose by 3. 

The problem this year is some of the starting players are not playing up to their potential, and lets not forget the referees. Lets start with Andrea Bargnani, has anyone ever heard of another play scoring 30+ points one game and then score 0 points in 30 minutes the next game? Bargnani is supposed to be one of our team leaders and with this kind of performance maybe we should cut our losses and trade him away to another team? Then there is the issue of Landry Feilds, there are no other player on the team who is consistent on offense and defense. But wait we the Raptors have Terrence Ross and he is playing really well lately as the 6th man, should the coach not be starting a rookie who is playing well while there is no other consistent player for the position and lets face it we're loosing games and have an absolutely horrible record. START THE ROOKIE!

I had huge hopes for this season as there were skilled players on the team roster but they are not producing, lets find a way to win Toronto, lets go! 

Go Raps!