In my honest opinion The Toronto Raptors should pick up Jeremy Lin, Steve Nash and sign all three rookies. 

Jeremy Lin is a player who is still developing which would make Steve Nash an even bigger part of the Raptors organization. With Nash teaching Lin the tricks of the trade he could become a very great player. While the rookies (and the rest of the team) could learn from an experienced veteran. (I would like to see Calderon Traded for a good center because lets face it Amir is better at the PF position)

The line up would look like this: 
G) Nash 
G) Ross
F) Derozan 
F) Bargs
C) Amir Johnson 

- Calderon 
- Lin
- Davis
- Acy
- Anderson
- James Johnson 
- Kleiza 

Zubcic (Develop in D-league) With Zubicic's size (6'10) and shooting ability he would be a great addition from the SG-PF position for when a player gets injured. However I understand we dont need another Bargs, so the Raptors trainers need to develop his strength and aggressiveness to get those rebounds.  

Between Nash's passing, the high flying raptors and bargs, ross, and kleiza as the long distance shooters, this could be a contending team.  

I am looking forward to the upcoming season.