As you may know if you have been following my website for the last few years I like to give predictions on what the Toronto Raptors roster will look like in the up coming season (yes I know its only summer league right now).

So here is what I think the  The Toronto Raptors 2014/15 lineup will look like: 

PG) Kyle Lowry
SG) Terrence Ross
SF) DeMar DeRozan
PF) Amir Johnson
C) Jonas Valančiūnas

6) Greivis Vasquez
7) Patrick Patterson
8) Tyler Hansbrough
9) Landry Fields
10) Louis Williams 
11) Dwight Buycks
12) Lucas Noguiera

13) Bruno Coboclo
14) DeAndre Daniels  
15) John Shurna or Myck Kabongo

I believe that the Raptors will buy out Bebe's contract which will add a much needed big man on the bench. Bruno, and DeAndre will be swapping between the NBA and D-League which will benefit both. Myck Kabongo should also be picked by the Raptors as he could also develop and maybe become a delay trio with DeAndre and Bruno in 3-4 years. Kabongo may not be putting up the numbers Shurna is putting up, however from past performances with Texas and Canada he cannot be counted out. 

The Raptors look like a really deep team this year, I hope the go far into the playoffs. 

If you have any input please comment below.