Is there a such thing too competitive? Obviously to some there is. Those of you who are super competitive like myself find it extremely hard to tone down for those who just don't want to have the competition. As a super competitive person I love boasting about my achievements to others, however this is not meant to look like a sore winner, I boast because I like the feeling of being better than someone. But when I am competing against my own team I boast not to make my teammates feel like crap, but to push them to an even higher level. 

There are many super competitive Basketball players who boast about their achievements, and those players who do work amazingly together because they always want to achieve higher than their teammate while still contributing to the overall team. 

Here's an example:

In a Basketball game there is more than one stat so we cant all try to score the most or we will ultimately lose, however we can boast about a stat like 23 pts, 2 ast, and 6 rebounds. Lets face it 23 points is a great stat in a game and you will most likely be the top scorer for your team during that game, but someone else may have had 5 pts, 9 sat, and 6 rebounds. So when these two players boast about what they got to each other neither player should be upset because they both contributed towards the overall team, however for next game the 23 points player may want to pass a bit more to get more assists and the lower scoring player might want to shoot/drive more so to score more points. 

Obviously I understand that you will never have a game that everyone scores the same amount, however this kind of attitude will raise the level of the team. I also understand that not all players get equal time during a game to shine, however this should not be looked at as a bad thing because he/she should give 110% while on the court so to beat that starting player. 

When I was a bench player receiving 5-10 minutes a game (yes this has happened to me too) I would strive to score more, and get more stats than that starting player. 

If you dont have the competitive edge to strive to become the best you will NOT make it far because you will never want to take the time in the gym to practice the basics or to have the ability to take constructive criticism from the coach, parents, or other players. 

I hope that I have not ruffled too many feathers with this post, it was not intended to be an attack on those who are not super competitive, however I am just explaining what goes through the head of those of us who are super competitive. 

So what I guess I am saying is take that super competitive person as constructive criticism.