That is what every player and parent thinks, how do you choose between all of those Basketball shoes? I cant tell you which shoe to pick but I can help you differentiate between the different types of Basketball shoes. 

First before we talk about which shoes are for different positions I need to warn you about shoe grip. The grip is the most important part of the shoe, and it needs to last as long as the shoe does. When looking for a shoe with grip look for a pair that has a zig zag pattern on the bottom.

This position is the biggest and usually heaviest on the court. Centers play in the post where they need to push against the opponent to get in good position, this is called posting up. The Center position is not usually active like a point guard either, the ideal shoe for a Center has high ankle support and lots of cushioning, shoe weight does not matter for the Center position. An ideal shoe for a Center is the Nike Air Jordan Fly Though.

Guards are quick and agile, which means they need a shoe that has fantastic grip to the floor, stays tight to the foot and stays low to the ground. My favourite shoe for this position is the NIKE LUNAR HYPERDUNK

I suggest buying name brand shoes, I have experimented with no name/ Shaq shoes and none have the stability, flexibility, grip and they feel like your running on bare ground (no name shoes have hardly any padding). 

Nike, Reebok, Addidas, and Converse are the top 4 Basketball shoe companies to look for, however do not get caught in the hype when a shoe is named after an NBA player, sometimes they are great however sometimes they are terrible. 

I hope this has helped in the search for your next pair of Basketball shoes.