Yes thats correct I said it, the Toronto Raptors suck! Well... I mean, at least this year they will suck. I know, your probably asking "what is this guy? He is a HUGE Raptors fan, why would he say this?" Well that is true I am a HUGE Toronto Raptors fan and that will never change.

So why did I say the Raptors will suck? Well lets look at what's happening in the Basketball world this year. Look at the 2014 NBA Draft, Andrew Wiggins is projected to be the number 1 pick and he is dubbed the Lebron James of Canada. The Toronto Raptors will tank so to get Wiggins playing in his home town, not just to get future wins, but to make financial sense considering Wiggins is from Toronto.  

Because of this there are many fans that want the Raptors to suck and tank the whole season, while other fans say they will never watch another Raptors game if they decide to tank. The Toronto Raptors organization is not a Basketball team, they are an organization that puts players together on a Basketball team that will make the money now and for the future. 

If we tank and statistically we become the worst team in the league we still only have a small chance to become the number one pick, so in my opinion yes we should tank so we as fans see future wins, however the Raptors have to follow a few simple rules to keep fans and get Andrew Wiggins while keeping a winning team. 

Raptor Rules:
  1. Keep our prospects i.e. Acy, Jonas, Ross
  2. Keep franchise player: Rudy Gay
  3. Dont Loose too many games, just stay like 10-16 games out of the playoffs 
  4. Keep each game close