I know what your thinking, there cant be a secret behind shooting a freethrow. Well the short answer is yes, there is a secret to how those NBA player can shoot a freethrow in front of 20,000+ people and the live cameras. First things first, you need to have a routine, a routine will keep your mind off of the crowd and the nerves. One thing you need to remember is that you have 10 seconds to shoot a freethrow. 
Before the referee passes me the Basketball I like to get my feet set about a hair width away from the freethrow line. Once I receive the basketball from the referee I like to spin the ball in my left hand (while the ball is spinning I bend my knees). Once my knees are bent I bounce the Basketball twice and then take a nice deep breath - then exhale and take my shot and extend nice and high. 

Even if your routine is different from mine I suggest taking a nice deep breath just before your shot and focus on breathing (like you're meditating). A perfect deep breath will consist of you saying OH-EH-EE while breathing in (I learned this during music class) once you learn how to take a deep breath like that you can keep the OH-EH-EE to yourself.  

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