Every kid who plays Basketball wants to become that NBA Superstar like Michael Jordan and Lebron James. If you have this aspiration you need to work hard, it's not an easy task, however if you put your mind towards it you can make it.

Okay, I know you have heard this before, probably from your parents but YES it is true. With proper training, good grades, and the right attitude you will be able to go pro in Basketball. 

When a player comes to me and asks "can I play professional Basketball" I always ask if he and his parents are willing to make it their full time job to attain that goal. Many players think that team practices and games are enough and parents think the same, this is extremely far from the truth. You need to practice your skills almost every day and strength train every other day. 

Minimum Training Time Per Day:

6-8 years old 
30 minutes Basketball - 20 minutes strength training  

9-12 years old 
45 minutes Basketball - 25 minutes strength training 

13+ years old 
1.5 hours Basketball - 45 minutes strength training 

This does not include cardio, every Basketball player should work their way up to 20 minutes of running or 25 minutes of biking per day (without stopping for a rest). Anyone who is starting to lift weights should start with using their own body as a weight, for example pushups and squats. 

When practising Basketball most of those times will actually become longer as there may be other players on the court who would like you to participate in their game, this would be an excellent time to practice the skills you learned in a game setting. If your young and the older guys want you to play in their game I would suggest you accept this offer because when you play against better opponents your skill level will improve. When I was 13 I was asked to play with the older 30-50 year old players at the YMCA (when I got older I found out they played professional Basketball over in Europe and one played Football in the Arena Football League). I learned a lot from those guys and I am grateful that they invited me to play in their games. When playing with older players listen to what they tell you, you will learn lots. 

You may be asking what about school, will I have time for school work? Well the answer is yes if you organize your time appropriately. School work is very important, you will need to have a University education to be playing in the NBA. I would suggest doing your homework between team practices and during lunch break. 

Now you might be asking what about girlfriends or boyfriends and parties? Well the girlfriends and boyfriends will need to understand that you would like to go pro in Basketball someday, if they don't understand they are not right for you. Well what about parties? Parties are a dangerous thing, at most parties there are drugs and beer and sometimes there's a fight, if the police are called and you get arrested you will NOT receive any scholarships. I had a friend in high school who was a straight A student, one day he was a passenger in his friends car and his friend got pulled over for speeding and the driver was high on drugs, the officer checked the car and found an extremely large amount of drugs and charged him and my friend with the possession of drugs even though my friend was tested negative for drug use and did not have any drugs on him he was still charged and lost all 7 scholarships he was offered.

To play professional Basketball you will need to go to university, if you live in Canada you will need to go to an NCAA school in the States. Click here for Scholarship Information      

I hope this is helpful