We all get caught up in trying to recruit the bet players to your team, or maybe totally ignoring the weaker players. But you need to look at the real meaning of sport which is to teach teamwork and also what I like to teach is hard work will pay off. A very good example of this would be a player I used to coach and teach Basketball too. Calvin Arman was around 10 when I started teaching him Basketball, in fact he was one of my first players I taught Basketball too as I started teaching basketball back when I was 13 at the YMCA. The most important thing we taught was firstly team work, if one player screwed up the whole team screwed up, the next thing we taught was obviously the basics and we would always remind the players how much they have improved. 

Everything you do in life is what you learn while playing sports whether its Basketball or another sport you do learn life lessons that will help you out at every job you will ever do. Calvin has recently joined the Canadian Military and we are all proud of him!

Congrats Calvin, once I loose some weight I will be joining you!