In the USA club Basketball is called AAU and in Canada it's called Rep. This is your local city teams that play against other city teams, for example Toronto Huskies vs Hamilton Blessed Sacrament. The age group of these teams range from 9-17 years old, but what is Rep or AAU Basketball really for?

At the younger age you are playing rep to learn the sport of Basketball in a competative environment and to practice new and old skills to become a better Basketball player. Also as a young player you are learning to love the sport, which means players need to have fun! Coaches! This means competitive games, because that is the best way for kids to learn. 

Once a player hits the middle school age, Rep and AAU Basketball is no longer fun and games for the higher level players. At the middle school age group a coach needs to improve his players skills and equal playing time needs to stop, because at the high school level there will be NO equal playing time. A player and parent must not get upset about playing time because this shows what level your skills are at and that you need to improve. (instead of getting mad at the coach 

During High School a players main goal is to reach the next level which is College or University, either in the NCAA or in the CIS. This is a much more competitive level of Basketball, however this is still a learning stage. At this point of your amateur career as a player your goal is to strive to be the best that you can be. This is also the optimal time to become physically stronger which means that you must strive to become stronger and faster than everyone else.  

In conclusion The purpose of AAU and Rep Basketball is to improve your skills as a Basketball player, learn to love the sport and to help you learn teamwork for all your future endeavours.