Every coach has had a player like this at least once, you know the player who says he can play every position. Obviously these players have a lot of confidence but remember back when you were a kid trying to play a sport you sucked at. Ya thats right you could play any position because you sucked at all of them and it wouldn't matter which position you played because of your lack of skill. 

The last season I coached I had a player who believed this and actually told me this at our tryouts. I picked him because I like players on my team who have a lot of confidence but eventually became clear that it was a mistake and he was years behind all of the other players on the team. Unlike other coaches I only had to deal with him for a few practices because he was not a big fan of running and quit the team. 

For those coaches who have a player like this you cant let them fall behind any further, it is your job to have this player catch up and possibly contribute to your team. For those coaches who are undergoing tryouts and have a player who vocalizes that he can play any position you better make sure he has the skills that will make your team successful. 

This post is meant to be a funny yet serious post, if you enjoyed this post send it to your friends and/or coaches.