To perform at your highest level you must have a nutritional meal 1-2 hours before your game. If the meal is too heavy and not nutritional (full of sugar) it will slow you down during your game, but also if you don't have enough to eat before your Basketball game you will also be slowed down due to the lack of energy intake. 

I suggest to all of my players to eat between 250-450 calories and 5-10 grams of protein (depends on size of player), 1.5 hours before their game or training session. This gives enough time for the food to start to digest before the game so the player does not have the feeling of being full while on the Basketball court.

A few recipes I would suggest:
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Mango Orange Smoothie
Banana Berry Smoothie
Pita Pizza

The above recipes are quick and easy to make and are perfect for a pregame meal. if you are over 6 feet tall or play 3/4 of the game I would suggest having 2 of the above recipes, for example 2 Pita Pizza's or a Pita Pizza and a Smoothie.

(Making your own smoothie will cut down on fat, sugar, and calorie intake)