The first time you hear that you have torn your ACL you will either be in denial or you will be extremely upset feeling like your athletic life is over. Myself, I thought that the MRI's were lying and that I did not have a torn ACL or Meniscus which needed surgery, so a few days later I went out and helped a friend move into his new apartment. During the move my knee gave out twice each floor for 9 floors and then later I went and played some Basketball until my knee gave out and then I went home and decided that the MRI was probably not lying. At this point I was in belief that my active lifestyle was over so I was obviously upset. 

After my first surgery I was told that they did find out I had a torn ACL and they fixed my Meniscus because it was also torn. About 2 days after that first surgery I was having this extreme pain in my calf like if I pulled my calf muscle, I didn't think too much of it as I have seen video's of the surgery and they do move your leg around a lot. After a day or two more I noticed that there was more pain and that there was now bruising so I went to my family doctor and she said the same thing that I thought, maybe just a pulled muscle and it should heal soon. The next day I had even worst pain so I went to an emergency care centre and found that they told me the same as my family doctor after only looking and poking around. Later that day I had enough of the pain and I went to the hospital, after a few real tests I learned that I had a blood clot in my calf. 

After waiting a year for my ACL reconstructive surgery I finally went under the knife and came out obviously in pain, however after a few weeks there was no more and now 1 year later I can run, jog and ump just like I could before. I have even been cleared to train to enter the Canadian Military (my dream).