Remember the Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter days? Every Canadian who plays Basketball should, it was the brightest times for the sport of Basketball in Canada and is easily the biggest factor why we have many more Basketball fans in Canada. Also because of these bright times we have made a huge jump higher in the skills level of our national team. 

Tracy McGrady is a hero in many eyes and there is no surprise that Cory Joseph thinks like this as well. It was only a few years back when Cory Joseph was just a young kid wishing he was in the NBA making the big shots to win the game just like Tracy McGrady. Over the past few years he has been living this dream while bouncing between the NBA's San Antonio Spurs and their D-League affiliate. This year has been a special year for Cory Joseph for more than just playing in the NBA, Cory has been playing along side his long time hero Tracy McGrady and will be playing in game seven of the NBA finals tonight. 

As a Canadian myself and as a fan of Cory Josephs (because I played against him when I was younger) I hope that the San Antonio Spurs win tonight! 

Good Luck Cory!