Everyone knows that you need strong legs and fast twitched muscles to dunk but is there any other muscles that can help you jump higher than ever before? Yes there is! Below are the most underrated muscles that not many people know can help you dunk.

Lower Back: The lower back (also known as the Erector Spinae) is the most important muscle in a Basketball players body. A strong lower back will not just help you jump higher but will prevent back injuries. One simple exercise to strengthen your lower back is to lay on your stomach and then try to balance on your belly for 20 seconds, for 3 sets. If you don't build up your lower back muscle at the same progress as the rest of your body you will be prone to back pain and strains.

Shoulders: Your shoulders are crucial in your jumping ability, shoulders create momentum to help get you off the ground. If you watch the NBA players or the players you know can dunk, you will notice that they swing their arms. 

Abs: Have you ever seen how strong and how high those gymnasts jump? Most of their strength comes from their abs. A strong core can help you from jumping higher to having the ability to cross up your opponent and dribble the other direction.

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