Being an all around athlete means you play more than one sport. Now you may be asking "how can being an all around athlete make you better at Basketball?" Well lets look into the main sports that directly impact how your skill and ability in Basketball. 

Soccer: The game of Soccer makes huge improvements to your Basketball ability. In Soccer you use your feet to do everything which helps your foot speed. Foot speed helps you defend your opponent and dribble past your defender.

Volleyball: Volleyball is great for your vertical jump, you can even think of Volleyball as a Vertical Jump Training Program. As you probably already know jumping high is extremely useful in Basketball. 

Gymnastics: Believe it, Gymnastics is great for Basketball players. The main muscles worked in Gymnastics is the core and the core improves your vertical leap, overall strength and most importantly your coordination. 

When I was younger I didnt believe coaches who said being an all around player is better but the proof is overwhelming. If your an all around athlete you will have a more all around game and range of skills.

One more thing to add about being an all around athlete is NCAA University Coaches love all around athletes because of their versatility and athletic ability.