Team Chemistry is not just knowing where and when to pass to your teammate it is also how you get to know your teammates at a personal level. By becoming friends at a personal level your players will have more fun on the team and that will translate into more wins. Just like you were told as a child keep sport fun. 

As you can see with the Toronto Raptors top players are training together during this off season. Then their two new players they just drafted get sent down to LA to train with their star players. Then last year some of the team got together early and hung out with each other during the summer league. 

You can do almost the same thing, by holding team parties (make sure to have great food). By doing something special during a tournament for example, a Niagara Falls tournament you could go to Ripply's Believe It Or Not, or in Toronto you could go to a Raptors game. These ideas build a ton of team chemistry off the court and this will translate into chemistry on the court.