Before people start dissing Bruno Coboclo they should do their research! Lets first look at his body, like Bruno was saying in his first interview he is built like Kevin Durant which he kind of is. Bruno is six foot nine, with a wingspan of seven foot seven! Which is HUGE! Like many good coaches say "you can never go wrong when picking big" 

During the summer Bruno will be training with the other Raptors out in LA preparing for the summer league and the preseason. If coach Casey is correct that Bruno is a quick learner than he may be up to the level needed for the summer league. During the Summer League and the preseason Bruno will be working his craft and hopefully improving. 

I personally don't see Bruno starting throughout any part of the season except maybe the last game of the season if we have a solid ranking. Bruno will probably play an average of 3-5 minutes per game and will most likely play 20-40 games during this season and maybe even spending some time down in the Development League. (I feel like he may even skip this first step and instead his first year could actually be what I say his second season could be like). 

During Bruno's second season he will still be improving, however by this time I can see him improving to the point of an average rookie maybe getting 5-10 points, rebounds, and maybe assists. Bruno may even start a few games in his second year. During Bruno's second year he will be in NBA shape as well and can become more aggressive against the bigger players in the NBA.  

I truly think Bruno will take until his third year to become a bonafide starter and will be averaging 14-20 points per game. This is going to be an exciting time for Bruno and the Raptors as an organization, all of the hard work would have paid off. 

I would like to add that I was wrong about Bruno, when he was first picked I was like... "WHAAAT!!" but after reviewing some grainy highlight tapes I can see what this kid can do! Plus the attitude Bruno has towards the game and how calm and collective he is, is just amazing! 

I hope Bruno Coboclo all the best in the NBA, welcome to the Toronto Raptors!