More is not necessarily better, over training is when your not allowing enough rest and recovery time between workouts. No matter what type of training is being performed, too little training does not bring the desired results, and too much training is harmful to the conditioning of the athlete and performance. 

Physical Signs of Overtraining:
  • Extreme muscles soreness (not the good workout feeling but legitimate aching) 
  • A gradual increase in muscle soreness between training sessions 
  • Decreased body weight when not wanted
  • Increase in resting heart rate
  • Lowered resistance to cold and flu
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Unexplained drop in athletic performance 
Have you ever played great in a Basketball game after being sick? This could be why, you took some time off lifting weights and working out which made your body fully heal. 

If you see or feel signs that you are overtraining take a day or two off.