Over my years of playing and coaching I have seen some pretty good team parties and also some pretty horrible team parties. The worst I have seen was a team party that was at a all you can eat dessert restaurant before their championship game, this was obviously a horrible idea and there is no surprise that the team lost their championship game. 

That was an absolutely stupid, however on the other hand the best team party I have ever seen was actually just a simple pizza party, however they had the party at a community center and started the party with a parents/coaches vs players Basketball game. I found that this was a great idea because the parents had a ton of fun trying to keep up with their kids. Ever since I seen a team party like this I have done one for my own team every year after and my teams absolutely loved it. How I improved the parents vs players party is by having and MVP award for the parents thats is voted by the players, and an MVP for the players voted by the parents. 

If you try this party idea with your team comment below and let us know how you improved this idea.