Back in the day when I was in grade 8 my Basketball coach told me something that really made me think. My coach told me to shoot the Basketball and to believe that the Basketball knows where to go. At the time I never knew what he was trying to say so I thought about it for a few hours. My next game was one of the best shooting games I have ever had, 7 for 9 from the three point line. 

So I then asked myself, why do I shoot better when I think the Basketball knows where its going? 

Well the answer is actually psychological, by not thinking too much about aiming and form you keep you mind empty and muscle memory takes over. We have all hear the saying 10,000 hours of training and you will master the technique, well this may or may not be true however, when shooting a Basketball this is one technique used by many. 

Try this the next time you shoot a Basketball.