Wow have those 2 full years gone by fast! It has officially been 2 years to this month that I have had up and running. Over the past few years this site has changed drastically and I hope that all of you love what it has turned into, and there is much more to be added too. Over this next year I will be adding more video than ever before and making even more books available to you. 

Over this third year I will be focusing on the following video's: 
As you may know I am an advocate to make kids more health conscious and more physically active because obesity is becoming a big problem throughout the world. This is why I am currently writing a book that explains the advantages of youth working out, the book will be titled "Youth Under 12 Workout" and will only be $9.99. Youth Under 12 Workout will include information about proper lifting technique and a specialized program just for youth under 12 years old who are aspiring athletes.   

Over the past 2.5 years I have been dealing with a major knee injury which prompted me to start this website because I wanted to share my knowledge with everyone who loves this sport as much as I do. My knee is slowly getting better and there are obviously good days and bad days when dealing with knee pain. I have gained a lot of weight since my injury so try not to judge my knowledge on how big I appear on video. 

Thanks again,