Recently I have been receiving a lot of testimonials for the two books I have authored (The Unbeatable Basketball Defence, and Visualizing Math). Below are some of the testimonials I have received:

The Unbeatable Basketball Defence

I have not used this with my team yet however I have already learned more from reading the first few pages than I learned going to the level 1 NCCP Coaching clinic in Toronto. 

From Anonymous 
Oakville Ontario

Used this 1-4 Defence for half of a season (3 tournaments) and I cant believe how well it has worked. Last year we had the worst defence ever and now this year we have averaged 15 points against less than last year and are currently undefeated in the U16 age group. Thank you for this book and the many Offensive and inbound plays on your Youtube channel.

From Anonymous 
Ottawa Ontario 

Hello, I purchased this book near the end of last season, heading into the playoff push and I was pleasantly surprised. With only 4 practices (1 week) to learn this defence I was happy with how my team started to run this and it worked really well and led us pretty far into the playoffs. We used the defence only at certain parts of the game, but I should thank you as there was one quarter we held the opposing team scoreless. 

Galveston Texas

Visualizing Math

Thank you, 

My son is ADD/ADHD and this book has worked wonders for him. I am wondering if you could make a spelling book that has the same ideas as this book because that could also work wonders for him too. 

Thank you again,
Aaron D
Buffalo, NY

Bought the Ebook version as the paperback is too expensive, and my son LOVED the technique that is explained in the book and he actually likes math now. 

Thank you

Thank you for everyone who has purchased my books, and thank you for all of your kind words.