The one thing every Basketball coach does is talk to referees, and usually this is on a topic that induces a lot of yelling. I have learned that yelling at refs in a negative way can result in many more negative results than positive. As a coach you must notice how the refs are ref'ing the game and adapt to that style. 

Some Refs call a tight game and thats when you need to instruct your team to play straight up with no risky reaching in. There is many ways to still stay aggressive on defence with refs calling a tight game. 

If the refs call a loose game than I would suggest testing how far they will go, play increasingly tighter defence and maybe even try reaching in to steal the Basketball. 

Every Basketball Referee is human and everyone has different eyes and thoughts on how the game should be officiated. So instead of yelling at the referee next time try experimenting with what the ref will or will not call. 

I should also add NEVER blame a ref for the loss because it is your job to coach your team to a win.