Strength in the ability to exert force, and is a prime determinant of performance in many athletic competitions. There are three types of strength - maximal strength, speed strength, and endurance strength - and Basketball players need all three.

Maximal Strength:
Maximal Strength in the greatest force the neuromuscular system can exert in a single maximum voluntary contraction. Maximal strengths essential, for it helps players to do the following:
  • Jump and rebound
  • Develop a base for power work
  • Decelerate and accelerate in sprints
  • Protect against injuries
  • Shoot from long distances
Speed Strength
Speed strength, also called power, is the ability of the neuromuscular system to overcome with a high speed contraction. Speed strength is essential to the optimal performance of explosive moves: sprinting, jumping, throwing, etc.

Endurance Strength
Endurance strength is the capacity of the muscle to resist fatigue when considerable resistance must be overcome over a long period of time. Basketball players need endurance to repeat the sprints, passes, and jumps performed in a game.